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Enterprising Leadership - The Social Enterprise Academy

This programme is a six-day residency that  supports community leaders to become more enterprising, challenging them to think differently about what they do. Some of the learning will take effect immediately and the impact will continue to influence your work for years afterwards. The focus for the six days was to :

  • Build a clear vision for the future of your organisation

  • Identify what sort of leader and mind-set you need to lead your social enterprise

  • Reviewed the current sustainability of your organisation

  • Explore growth models that could support your future vision

  • Identify key factors required to develop and progress ideas that support your social impact

  • Engage more confidently with community and the individuals that you serve in your enterprise Create a network of peer support to help you on your future journey

  • Develop an action plan linked to your future vision for your social enterprise

The Touring Network Peer Response Group - Facilitated by the Touring Network.

During the Pandemic Joni participated in a Peer Group Response Initiative for Promoters and Venues organised through the Touring Network and the Social Enterprise Academy. This was set up so people who work within the creative industries have a place to come together and chat about their response to the global pandemic and what the possible next steps are for navigating through this delicate time. Being able to hear about how other promoters and venues dealt with the crisis in relation to their communities was of huge help and support and it helped to strengthen connections between the members of the Network.

Braw - Connecting Creative Communities - The Touring Network

BRAW was a 2 year project from 2017- 2019, which set out to examine artistic vibrancy, relevance and impact by
deepening the relationships between 3 devising performers and 3 rural communities. It was designed,
in part, to respond to evidence from the recently commissioned Touring Sector review (Creative Scotland), and sought to answer some fundamental key questions in relation to the making and receiving of touring theatre in a rural context.

The programme was co-designed by Jo Mclean (CEO The touring Network) and Lisa Baxter (The Experience Business).

The three host communities were: The Argyll Arts Collective (Lochgoilhead); The Isle Of Eigg; Findhorn Bay Arts (Forres).

The artists were: Birds of Paradise Theatre; Vanishing Point Theatre; Saffy Setohy Collective. 


With the evaluation embedded into the enquiry process.

The 4 Key questions
• Would developing an artist’s understanding of the rural context and rural audiences result
in the creation of more appealing and relevant work?
• Would testing and retesting work-in-progress with people living in the host community
bring value to artists?
• Would encouraging more involved conversations between artists and promoters bring
value for them and ultimately, for audiences?
• Would bespoke engagement build bridges between artist, promoter and audience,
resulting in richer audience experiences


This resulted in three bespoke pieces of theatre and dance which premiered in the host communities then toured around Scotland. 

Out and About


We attending The Touring Network Gathering in Forres over the last weekend in September.

It was a great event with a BRAW workshop, showcase day and adult lego workshop as well as opportunities to see work as part of the Findhorn Bay Arts Festival.

Joni and Ian from Argyll Arts Collective met Calum Madge from Birds of Paradise and presented their side of 'the BRAW project story so far' to an audience of performers and promoters at the Gathering.

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Joni and Anna were recently lucky enough to be awarded a grant from the Go See Fund to review some shows for The Touring Network at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This was a great opportunity to see a few shows from the 'Made in Scotland' showcase.  They enjoyed 'My Left Right Foot - The Musical',  a National Theatre of Scotland and Birds of Paradise co-production, 'What Girls Are Made Of' at the Traverse by Cora Bissett, 'Old Boy' by (G)lass Theatre and Achilles by Company of Wolves who came to Lochgoilhead with 'A Brief History of Evil' last year.  We'd like to thank the Touring Network and are looking forward to bringing some more theatre to the local area next year...

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