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Argyll Arts Collective is a promoters organisation founded in 2016 by Joni Brown and Ian Prescott. The Argyll Arts Collective aims to support and promote arts and culture for the community of Lochgoilhead and the wider Cowal peninsula. We tour shows to our local communities, village halls, community woodlands and gardens and work closely with local schools.


Our vision is to enrich, connect and transform the rural communities within the Cowal Peninsula, Argyll by fostering an environment which is rich in culture, diverse in choice and sustainable in outlook.

To bring a diverse cultural and artistic programme of activity to where the people live, rather than expecting them to go to where the art is. Promoting and producing events and projects hosting online or live in-person either in-doors or outdoors, supporting our Village Halls and Woodlands, helping sustain and improve our valuable community assets.


We explore, co-create, and manage vital cultural and creative activity tapping into the vast reserve of talented touring shows and bring them to our rural communities .

We champion the important role the arts have in maintaining a vibrant, cohesive, tolerant and creative community.

We understand that access to the arts is a central component of rich village life and we want to reduce the distance people have to travel to see a show or participate in a project. It is our priority to ensure that members of our communities who are at risk of isolation are provided for through a ‘hyper-local’ presentation of events bringing creative work to them in their households and fostering a sustainable approach to touring live performance.

We programme performances that are inclusive and encourage diversity and equality. By strengthening relationships with and consulting communities on future events, we perpetuate the Argyll Arts Collective Values of connection with people, identifying needs, sharing ideas and delivering innovative, creative events that encourage participation across all ages, gender and socioeconomic groups.


We invest in our youth by bringing fun, educational, participative shows to the children that capture imagination and support confident learning.


We value our partnerships with our outdoors spaces introducing and restoring contact with the local natural resources that for too many remain ‘unseen’.

The Argyll Arts Collective are so grateful to be supported by Awards For All from the National Lottery for the project ‘Cultivating Creativity in Cowal’. 

This will enable us to provide a fun year packed full of exciting events and art projects delivered to the doorstep of communities living within the Cowal peninsula.

We will work alongside our communities with local and non-local artists and companies to deliver arts based-workshops, promote events and produce projects that our local communities can participate in and enjoy creating an environment which is rich in culture, diverse in choice and sustainable in outlook.

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